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As a kid, Véronique was always top in her class. She especially loved the reassuring logic of mathematics, and the grammatical challenges of the French language. All grown up now, she is an organizing and optimizing genius, and a talented copy editor and translator.

In 2003, Véronique joined Cirque du Soleil as an administrative assistant in the office of the VP Production. As part of the production team in creation, she worked alongside some of the best creators and artists in the business. She loved the experience and chose to stay within Cirque, holding various administrative and assistant roles in the company over the next 9 years. In 2012, she joined the team of the new subsidiary, Cirque du Soleil Media, whose mandate was to develop and produce original TV, cinema and new media projects based on the Cirque du Soleil brand.

Véronique joined the ranks of Multicolore in 2016. Known for creating world-renowned festivals such as Piknic Électronik and Igloofest, Multicolore is an international leader in outdoor live entertainment. Véronique became the Office Manager at their headquarters in Montreal, with the objective to normalize and optimize processes and communication throughout the company.

In 2020, Veronique became the Director of Operations at Kite Parade where oversees the administration and production of the company’s activities, as well as our customer relations.

Veronique is dedicated to her personal and professional self-actualization. She speaks French and English fluently. She is also a connoisseur of general awesomeness, and an advocate of the 5-minute dance break.