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Erik is a master mover. He has been teaching movement and meditation practices across North America and Europe for over 25 years, to students ranging in ages from 4 – 90 years old. Erik introduces people to the building blocks of healthy movement, in a style that combines playful sportsmanship with creative exploration.

Erik co-founded the original 5Rhythms Teacher’s Training in NYC in 1988, and is presently on the teaching staff of the Certification Program. He is a certified coach from the Hendricks Institute, and a graduate of their two-year Transformational Leadership program. He also maintains a full-time bodywork practice in Hellerwork Structural Integration.

Over three decades, Erik has observed thousands of bodies, including professional dancers, athletes and a wide variety of patients that he treats in his bodywork practice. He has seen the direct connection between our inner state and our body’s outward expression. The more limited we are in our movements, the harder it is to expand our thinking. Conversely, when we expand and develop our movement vocabulary, we increase our cognitive and creative agility. Erik is committed to sharing his knowledge of the body/mind connection and its powerful impact on creative ideation with creative leaders and innovation communities worldwide.