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Poopourri is an innovative and award-winning consumer products success story, dubbed the ‘World’s Best Before-You-Go Toilet Spray’.


We’ve been working with Poopourri for 5 years. This has taken the form of everything from a custom two-day workshop around the potential of a new campaign idea, to consulting on the dynamics within several teams, as well as the overall structure of the company’s creative division. We have also provided custom coaching for the owner/founder and for individual team leaders and their staff.


We’ve worked with the company successfully through a variety of creative and business opportunities and challenges. We have become highly attuned to their culture, which is agile, playful and unconventional. They are comfortable with risk and generally choose the most daring creative option, which is right up our alley.

Most recently we were assigned to their new campaign Girls Do Poop and to the launch of their new company ‘SUPERNATURAL’.