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Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group is the largest theatrical production company in the world. On top of producing world-renowned live shows, the organization has extended its creative reach into multimedia productions, immersive experiences, theme parks and special events. The Canadian organization has brought wonder and delight to over 180 million spectators with productions presented in 450 cities in 60 countries.


To create a successful, scripted, live action television series for kids (ages 5-14) for an international audience inspired by the circus arts and the universe of Cirque du Soleil.


We consulted on the content development of the series: advising on adapting the circus arts to live action television, and on translating the Cirque du Soleil storytelling style to the narrative structures and dramatic requirements of theatrical, scripted youth programming.


‘Big Top Academy’ was a really fun, challenging and original project. The first episode aired on October 15, 2018, and the show has been a great success with audiences in Canada, the USA and across Latin America.