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Kite Parade is an innovation agency dedicated to elevating creativity through applying leading experiential and interactive practices, and through developing vibrant cross-disciplinary ecosystems.


We are a team of professionals from the creative sphere, each with decades of experience in our respective fields. We have worked with leading innovative companies in Canada, the US, Europe and around the world. We are specialized in live entertainment; TV, film and new media; print and digital publishing; communications and business management; as well as in the field of cutting edge transformational leadership practices. We are committed to sharing our expertise in creative leadership, and our ongoing exploration of the expansive impact of new digital technologies.

Our clients are future-oriented companies, creative entrepreneurs, cultural organizations and visionary leaders from all fields. They are courageous and committed to engaging the full creative capabilities of their teams, and to supporting the realization of their teams’ most brilliant and daring ideas.

Core Program

Our core program is made up two workshops:
Accessing and Actualizing.

The Accessing

The Accessing workshop examines the connection between creativity, curiosity, imagination and play. Starting with childhood, we look back on the natural direction of our curiosity, our individual approach to exploration and our preferred learning style. We use these identifiers to map the most effective entry points to our creativity as adults, and then translate that into new practices that can be easily incorporated into the daily routines of our present professional environments. We reference the work of Stuart Brown on Play Personalities, and the concept of our genius zone as outlined in the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Through real play, using adapted clown and theatre improvisation exercises, we experience the flow of creativity communication that happens naturally between our imagination, our intuition and our bodies. Lastly, we explore the role of technology as an ally in creativity.


The Actualization

The Actualization workshop addresses both challenges and fulfillment in realizing our creative ideas in the world. We start with key active principles that guide the balance between creative agility and endurance, and the need to maintain reliable accountability and tracking systems. We outline the most common fears and show how to transform them into creative fuel. And we share our best practices for sustainable team management that generates momentum, collaboration and enchantment.

The Core Program can be given over four full days, or divided into 8 half-days.

Advanced Program

The Advanced Program is a customized program, designed to elevate the overall level of creative thinking and ingenuity within a given project and/or within a team. It can serve as a general amplification, or for when you have a new wave of expansion, or a big new project, and sense that you don’t have all the know-how and creative structures in place to realize it fully and with ease. It can also apply when exploring innovation objectives that reach beyond your wildest dreams.

We start with an in-depth in-take and analysis process done in collaboration with your team, and then create a series of punctual workshops and in-house practices and tools, designed to introduce, strengthen and integrate the skills your team most needs to meet and actualize the new challenge successfully and sustainably.


We consult on all aspects of the theme of elevating creativity, as it applies to people, ideas, teams, projects, whole companies and whole industries. Consulting is about taking the time it takes, and the exact amount of attention and expertise, to achieve a highly specific goal.

Based on our backgrounds we have consulted for companies and organizations in media and storytelling, publishing, consumer goods, wellness, science and technology, and arts and cultural institutions.


Our lab is where young creators can bring their big design ideas. The focus is on the development of innovative interactive tools and experiences that elevate creative ingenuity in individuals and in teams, and that enhance cross-disciplinary collaboration.

We curate the teams and support them with resources, mentorship and access to our network of potential partners.


Luca Molinari Studio


Luca Molinari Studio tailors and supplies integrated services of content design, consulting, process and project management within the fields of architecture and project’s culture. Their projects include: exhibitions and events; architecture and town planning competitions; books and publications.


We began collaborating with Luca Molinari Studios in 2018. By bringing together our expertise in immersive, interactive experience design and in coaching visionary leadership, with their extensive background in architecture research, curatorship and education, we can now offer our clients an integrated approach to large scale innovative design projects.

San Pellegrino


San Pellegrino is a one of the world’s leading sparkling mineral waters, sourced from a spring in Northern Italy. The brand’s enduring success is deeply rooted in its extraordinary heritage, symbolic value and iconic identity, all expressions of its unique Italian spirit. Founded in 1899, S.Pellegrino has been a premium brand synonymous with style for more than a century.


We were brought in by Luca Molinari Studios, who have been working with San Pellegrino on a very important innovation project. (The project is confidential). We were hired for our expertise and experience in creative leadership of innovative, interactive experience design.


We joined a day-long meeting of key stakeholders in which we facilitated an interactive workshop on The Unprecedented Value of Immersive and Interactive Brand Experiences.


The group gained new insight into the unprecedented potential for positive impact that can be realized through immersive and interactive brand experiences; and of how this could play out with their brand within the context of this new project.

Suzy Batiz


Suzy Batiz is the inventor, founder, and CEO of Poo~Pourri and Supernatural. A serial creator and entrepreneur, Suzy developed the exponentially growing enterprise worth $300 million without borrowing a dime or enlisting a single investor. Today, Suzy continues to share her knowledge of how to harness intuition, body intelligence and creative energy to achieve success in business and in life.


In 2017, Suzy Batiz decided to develop her personal brand around her very unique life experiences and what she has learned about how to succeed in business and in life.  The launch was set for the later part of 2018. We began consulting with Suzy and her team in October 2017 on the development, expression and identity of her personal brand.


We provided a combination of Consulting and Creative Producing on the following: Branding/Website Design/Photoshoot & Copy/Social Media/Podcast/PR/Speaking Engagements/Book Outline & Program Content/Hiring; as well as Executive Coaching.


The first phase of Suzy Batiz’s brand successfully launched in November 2018. Phase two is scheduled for 2019 and 2020.


‘You graciously and firmly led me into the fullest expression of my genius.’

– Suzy Batiz



Poopourri is an innovative and award-winning consumer products success story, dubbed the ‘World’s Best Before-You-Go Toilet Spray’.


We’ve been working with Poopourri for 5 years. This has taken the form of everything from a custom two-day workshop around the potential of a new campaign idea, to consulting on the dynamics within several teams, as well as the overall structure of the company’s creative division. We have also provided custom coaching for the owner/founder and for individual team leaders and their staff.


We’ve worked with the company successfully through a variety of creative and business opportunities and challenges. We have become highly attuned to their culture, which is agile, playful and inventive. They are comfortable with risk and generally choose the most daring creative option, which is right up our alley.

Most recently we were assigned to their new campaign Girls Do Poop and to the launch of their new company ‘SUPERNATURAL’.

Sarah Selecky Writing School


Sarah Selecky Writing School is an online creative writing school that approaches writing as an art, and also as a contemplative practice.


The school has been successful for many years, achieving their original goals and purpose. Sarah Selecky (founder) and her team were ready to review, renew and update the overall vision for the school. They wanted to explore the potential for development of new programs, and to expand their clientele to include a broader demographic.


We worked individually with Sarah Selecky, the President and Founder, for three months; then facilitated a bespoke one-day workshop for the team, focussing on defining the changes they wanted to make and designing the plans for implementing them.


Clear actionable insights and a renewed sense of direction and inspiration for the next chapter in the school’s evolution.


‘You helped us to see not just where the school wanted to go (externally) but more importantly, you reminded us how we want to feel (internally). And why.’

– Sarah Selecky

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra


APO is an innovative, mid-sized orchestra based in Auckland, New Zealand with a diverse and dedicated audience base.


They are exploring how to serve their existing audience and to also reach new audiences, by creating innovative digital, interactive and new media offerings that both celebrate their brand and respect their budget.


The director approached us to join their ideation and innovation process, and to consult on unique strategies for distribution and potential partnerships.


This project is ongoing.

See Me


See Me is an International artists’ platform based in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC, with 15-20 full-time employees.


The founder and CEO of came to us as they were getting set to envision the next development phase in their company, following a completed round of successful investment funding. Their objective was to access the best and most authentic feedback and ideas from their team. And he wanted to introduce new techniques to their ideation process, specifically new mindfulness and movement practices.


We designed a customized two-day program focusing on developing new internal innovation platforms and an overall creative sustainability strategy.


The team gained a clear understanding of each member’s individual creative talents, and how they fit together as a team. They discovered the benefits of including their body intelligence, humour and intuition into the innovation process. And this lead to several key insights, and the emergence of a surprising new direction for the company’s development plan.

Modo Yoga NYC


Modo Yoga is a NYC hot yoga studio affiliated with the Moksha Yoga Studios in Canada.


The founders/owners asked for a bespoke one-day workshop.


We facilitated a workshop in self-diagnostic reflection, in which they reviewed the areas in their present business structure that were working optimally and those areas that needed attention. We introduced a new series of integrity principles, and integrated a new internal communication system. We finished with the potential for expansion of the business internationally.


The workshop opened up their vision of the business’ potential beyond their perceived limitations, and cleared up some organizational issues that had been occupying the focus of their creative energies. The result was a new vision and plan for ongoing sustainable expansion of the business, and a renewed sense of unity within the team, as well as a fresh perspective on their collective purpose.

Montreal Neurological Institute


The communication department of the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital; The Neuro, is a world-leading destination for brain research and advanced patient care. It is the largest specialized neuroscience research and clinical centre in Canada, and one of the largest in the world.


The communications team had the idea to launch a series of short videos on the theme of ‘Women in Science’. The goal was to celebrate women who have made an exceptional contribution in the sciences, and to encourage and inspire young women to choose a career in the sciences. The aim from a communications perspective was to achieve greater visibility for the Neuro Institute, and to start conversations on social media that would convert to coverage in other forms of media.


We consulted on the overall approach and style of the project, and on specific storytelling aspects of the series. We assisted the team in amplifying their creativity throughout the ideation process, and in the design and delivery of the series. We will continue to consult throughout the year, as the series unfolds.


Neuro XXceptional Video Series celebrates exceptional women working at The Neuro. The first video premiered on March8th, 2018 (International Women’s Day) and received an overwhelmingly positive response. Media coverage has been very successful; as well the project won a McGill University Principal’s Award and will be expanded in 2019.

Daily Tous Les Jours

The Client & Collaborator

Daily Tous Les Jours is a Montreal-based design studio uses technology, digital arts, performance, placemaking and storytelling to explore collaboration, the future of cities and the power of humans. Daily is best known for its work in public spaces, where passing crowds are invited to play a critical role in the transformation of their environment.

Some of Daily’s best known projects include 21 BalançoiresMusical Shadows, Hello Trees, McLarena and most recently, the meditative experience of I Heard There Was a Secret Chord, presented at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montreal as part of the Leonard Cohen exhibition called A Crack in Everything.

Daily’s work has won numerous international awards including Best in Show at the IxDA Interaction Awards, the Grand Prize at the UNESCO Shenzhen Design Awards, a Knight Cities Challenge for Civic Innovation, a Fast Company Innovation by Design Award, and an Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Award. The studio is also very active in the design and digital arts communities, giving lectures and workshops worldwide, notably at SXSW, EYEO, INST-INT, New Cities Summit, TEDx and Arts Electronica.

Nico Fonesca (collaborator)

Nico Fonseca, aka Mister Jaune is a storyteller. Somewhere at the intersection of art and design, he creates participatory experiences that draw on his background in film, interactive and in-situ projects. His latest endeavours have focused on sensory design, using food as a way to engage with people and create layers of experience.

The Project

The Food Sessions: An Interactive, Multi-sensorial Public Outdoor Event within the DOT ART Citi Summer Streets Festival 2017 in NYC.

Our Contribution

Our team created a bespoke creative movement workshop for the whole design team; and consulted on the writing of the choreographic storytelling and interactive prompts.


The sessions were sold out and great fun was had by all.


Gillian Ferrabee

Gillian Ferrabee

Founder and President

Gillian grew up immersed in creativity, travel and adventure. Her mother is an industrial designer and a PhD, who later co-founded a successful, arts-based alternative school (FACE). And her father’s work moved the family to Jamaica where they lived for 2 years, surrounded by the ocean, luscious nature and reggae, before returning to wintery Canada.

Gillian began her career at 21 as a professional dancer and actor. For 20 years she toured Europe and North America on stage, as well as performing in TV series, movies and hundreds of commercials.

In 2004, she joined Cirque du Soleil as a casting scout and advisor, travelling the world and providing casting for the company’s 22 unique shows, including the renowned The Beatles LOVE. She was promoted in 2012 to Director of The Creative Lab within Cirque du Soleil Media, where she developed and co-produced projects for the international film, TV and new media (VR/AR) markets. Highlights include the video game Child of Light with Ubisoft, the preschool animated series Luna Petunia for Netflix in partnership with Saban Brands and the Emmy-award winning VR short Inside The Box: Kurios with Felix & Paul Studios.

She is also a certified coach of the Hendricks Institute, and a graduate of their 2-year Transformational Leadership program.

Gillian opened a coaching practice for artists, designers and entrepreneurs starting in 2012; clients include Sarah Selecky, Jeff McErlain, Emilie Baltz, Harris III, Melissa Mongiat and Suzy Batiz, amongst others.

In 2018, Gillian founded, Kite Parade, bringing together her years of experiences in storytelling, creative direction and large-scale production, with her knowledge and expertise in business and transformational leadership. Kite Parade provides bespoke training, consulting and leadership services for bold, beautiful and impactful innovative challenges and projects of all kinds.

Erik Iversen

Erik Iversen


Erik is a master mover. He has been teaching movement and meditation practices across North America and Europe for over 25 years, to students ranging in ages from 4 – 90 years old. Erik introduces people to the building blocks of healthy movement, in a style that combines playful sportsmanship with creative exploration.

Erik co-founded the original 5Rhythms Teacher’s Training in NYC in 1988, and is presently on the teaching staff of the Certification Program. He is a certified coach from the Hendricks Institute, and a graduate of their two-year Transformational Leadership program. He also maintains a full-time bodywork practice in Hellerwork Structural Integration.

Over three decades, Erik has observed thousands of bodies, including professional dancers, athletes and a wide variety of patients that he treats in his bodywork practice. He has seen the direct connection between our inner state and our body’s outward expression. The more limited we are in our movements, the harder it is to expand our thinking. Conversely, when we expand and develop our movement vocabulary, we increase our cognitive and creative agility. Erik is committed to sharing his knowledge of the body/mind connection and its powerful impact on creative ideation with creative leaders and innovation communities worldwide.

Annalisa Angelini

Annalisa Angelini

Innovation Partner

Annalisa has always loved to immerse herself in stories. At an early age, she devoured books and movies, observed and listened to people, and told everyone that she would be a journalist when she grew up.

She has more than 20 years of experience as a senior project manager, writer, editor and executive in Production, Communication, Editorial Content Development, Online Magazine Management, Online and Offline Publishing, Journalism and Public Relations, having worked with the most important Italian companies on International projects.

She has designed and managed a variety of cultural events, including programs for Museums and cultural institutions. Recently she produced a conference on The Future of Storytelling, a cultural hack-a-thon around digital innovation in cultural institutions, and a videogame design camp focusing on cultural innovation. She strongly believes in the power of a multidisciplinary approach to creativity.

Her deep curiosity about the world, and her love of learning, has led her to complete an impressive list of degrees: a University degree in Anthropology, an MBA, a Master’s degree in Human Resources and a bachelor’s degree in Counselling Psychology. She recently completed a certificate in Professional Coaching.

Annalisa speaks Italian, French and English fluently and has more than the basics in Portuguese. She has a regular meditation practice and is most inspired when supporting people in discovering and realizing their potential, while developing self-awareness and cultivating a spirit of playfulness and joy.

Yenilex Romero

Yenilex Romero

Executive Assistant

Yenilex is originally from Venezuela, where she founded The English Communication Service, a comprehensive language training school serving businesses in Maracaibo from 2002-2008. In 2010, she immigrated to Montreal and continued her career in Customer Service working first for Shaw Media and then for the Action Sport Physio Clinic. In 2018, she joined Kite Parade as our executive assistant. Yenilex speaks Spanish, French and English. She is also a certified interior designer and an accomplished painter; having exhibited both in Montreal and in Venezuela.

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