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Havas Montreal is a branch of Havas Worldwide Canada an award-winning, fully integrated global advertising company.


The executive team wanted an keynote presentation with actionable take aways to start off their day-long, company wide, yearly review and future-visioning session. The goal was to uplift the teams; and to inspire new ideas, new directions and new insights that could be applied and explored in the rest of the day’s activities.


Kite Parade gave a bespoke presentation titled: Thriving in a Context of Continuous Change: How to Cultivate a Culture of Innovation that is Open, Agile and Resilient.


The participants gave the feedback that they felt inspired, challenged and motivated by the presentation; and ready to move into the day’s activities with a strong focus and sense of responsibility towards achieving the goals of session. The executive team expressed their appreciation that the presentation itself had succeeded in fully engaging the teams – during the keynote and in the Q&A. They shared that there was a high level of participation in the rest of the day, and a high quality of ideas that resulted from the other sessions throughout the day.